Elementive Announces Expansion of SEO Website Analysis Products

lementive Marketing Solutions has just announced a major expansion of their SEO analysis product offerings to include a new technical website evaluation, reports www.elementive.com. The new add-on service is designed to help marketers at small businesses understand the impact of a variety of technical factors on website traffic, search performance, and conversions.

“Technical SEO is about evaluating how well search engine robots can crawl a website and index its content,” explained Matthew Edgar, Elementive’s web consultant. “Our SEO Technical Analysis and Evaluation includes things like sitemaps, error messages, speed, tags, and robot crawlability, to name a few. As search engines become more sophisticated, the technical elements of a web search are changing, and technical problems can hold our clients back from getting high-quality traffic to their websites.”

The speed at which a site loads is one of the most important technical factors in SEO and in customer experience, Edgar explained. Google, for example, prioritizes sites that load the first byte of data quickly. However, users have higher expectations. If a page takes more than three seconds to load, a large number of users will hit the back button and try another search result. “We can accurately diagnose a speed problem with a client’s website and provide the right solution,” said Edgar.

Another major technical factor is mobile friendliness, meaning that a site is completely functional and easy to read on a smart phone or other device without having to zoom in. In April of 2015, Google started boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages in the search results on mobile devices. As mobile use has overtaken use of laptop and desktop computers, it is more important than ever for businesses to have responsive websites that work well on any device. “Evaluating a website’s mobile performance and offering ways to improve it is another big part of our technical review,” commented Edgar.

The new technical SEO service complements Elementive’s SEO Website Analysis, which includes an in-depth evaluation of both on-page and off-page elements. “We help our clients evaluate things like backlinks, keywords, landing page quality, and SEO competition,” said Edgar. “We look at where links to a client’s page are coming from. We also show our clients which keywords are currently sending traffic to their site and what other keywords might help the site increase its ranking. No matter what aspect of SEO we’re looking at, our goal is always to help our clients understand where their opportunities are for improving their search engine rankings and getting higher-quality traffic.”