Episerver to acquire Optimizely

Episerver to acquire Optimizely
Episerver & Optimizely

Episerver last week announced that is acquiring Optimizely, one of the companies that more did to promote the concept of A/B testing. Episerver says the combination of both companies creates the most advanced digital experience platform to optimize every customer touchpoint across the entire user journey.

Episerver is a privately held portfolio company of Insight Partners, purchased in 2018 at $1.16B. Episerver is a company expert in content management. Episerver was founded in Stockholm, back in 1994.

“The breakthrough combination of Episerver and Optimizely will transform digital experience creation and optimization, enabling digital teams to replace guesswork with evidence-based outcomes. This, along with our shared mission to empower growing companies to compete digitally, makes me thrilled to welcome the Optimizely team to Episerver, as we prove there are no extraordinary experiences without experimentation,” said Episerver’s CEO Alex Atzberger.

According to Episerver, bringing together Episerver’s ability to create digital experiences through content and commerce with Optimizely’s ability to experiment and optimize across touchpoints empowers marketers to build experiences that get smarter over time.

“Together, we will enable our customers to do more testing, in more places, with greater ease than ever before. We believe this combination will make experimentation a mainstream business best practice and an essential part of competing and winning customers in an online world,” said Jay Larson, CEO of Optimizely.

Optimizely was founded in 2010. Optmizely is based in San Francisco and it has 350 employees, and 900 customers, including Gap, StubHub, IBM, and The Wall Street Journal. Optimizely is a company expert in A/B testing, multivariate testing, and server-side testing. Earlier this year, Optimizely laid off 15% of its staff, citing the impact of COVID-19.

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