Facebook expands the info on “Why am I seeing this ad?”

Facebook expands the info on “Why am I seeing this ad?”

Facebook 4 years ago launched the feature “Why am I seeing this ad?” This page enables users to understand and adjust how the information influences the ads they see.

This week, Facebook introduced more reasons why users see an ad on Facebook. Previously Facebook was not displaying the micro-targeting, but that is changing now. Sreethu Thulasi, Product Manager at Facebook, wrote that detailed targeting, including the interests or categories that matched the user with a specific ad, is now showing up to users on “Why am I seeing this ad?”

Facebook is also updating Ad Preferences to show users more about businesses that upload lists with their information, such as an email address or phone number.

Advertisers who uploaded a list with user information and advertised to it, will appear in a tab. This section includes advertisers that uploaded a list with user information, and used that list to run at least one ad in the past seven days. For example, a fitness studio that uploaded a list of client emails and used that for advertising could show up in this section.

Businesses who uploaded and shared a list with your information. This section aims to help an advertiser to understand the third parties and businesses who have uploaded and shared lists with their information. In this section, users will see the business that initially uploaded a list, along with any advertiser who used that list to serve an ad to a user within the last 90 days.

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