Facebook hires 1000 persons to review the ads

Facebook announced yesterday that is “adding more than 1,000 people to our global ads review teams over the next year and investing more in machine learning to better understand when to flag and take down ads.”

This is part of 5 measures to “improve the enforcement and transparency of ads on Facebook”. These measures, announced by Joel Kaplan, VP Global Public Policy at Facebook, take place when Facebook is under pressure from the politicians in the Congress of United States of America, regarding the influence that Facebook can have on Americans in the USA, especially during elections.


The first measure is to make advertising more transparent. Facebook will show all the ads a Page is running – including ads that aren’t targeted a person directly.


The second measure is strengthening enforcement against improper ads. Seems that Facebook will introduce a new element on their algorithm: “the context in which it was bought and the intended audience.” In addition to this, Facebook will hire 1000 persons to review the ads and will be “investing more in machine learning.”


The third measure is tightening restrictions on advertiser content. Facebook already prohibit “shocking content, direct threats and the promotion of the sale or use of weapons.” But now will also forbid “more subtle expressions of violence.”


The fourth measure is increasing requirements for authenticity. Facebook will “require more thorough documentation from advertisers who want to run US federal election-related ads. Potential advertisers will have to confirm the business or organization they represent before they can buy ads. ”


The last and fifth measure is establishing industry standards and best practices. Facebook is reaching out to leaders in the advertising industry and governments around the world to share information on bad actors making sure they stay off all platforms.