Microsoft shuts down Groove and is promoting Spotify to its users

Microsoft announced yesterday that is shutting down the music streaming Groove, letting users “move the curated playlists and collections from Groove directly into Spotify, until the end of the year.

Groove will be over on December 31, 2017, time that gets discontinued. Microsoft will offer 60 free days of Spotify Premium, but the subscription is not shifted automatically into Spotify.

According to Microsoft, “by mid-October, an update to the Groove Music app will be available for Windows 10 and Xbox One devices. Once the app is updated, Groove Music Pass subscribers will be able to move existing music collections and playlists to Spotify with just a few clicks. Groove Music Pass content will be available to move to Spotify until at least January 31, 2018.”

Spotify offers a premium service and a free service. On the free service, Spotify has audio and display advertisement, making Spotify the biggest publisher on audio.

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