Facebook: Why broader audiences work better than narrow audiences?

Facebook and MetrixLab did a study where they compare broader audiences (like age and gender) vs. core audiences (niche audiences). The study found that +66% of assets tested against broad audiences maintained or improved performance against benchmarks; +44% average improvement in incremental brand recallers when using broad audiences; +31% on average improvement in incremental purchase intenders when using broad audiences.

Facebook says that this is due to the auction system that promotes reach efficiencies.

66% of videos maintained or improved their performance against MetrixLab’s quintile benchmarks when shown to a broad audience compared.

Broad audiences could result in an average of 44% more incremental brand recallers and an average of 31% more incremental purchase intenders with the same budget spend thanks to greater reach efficiency.

The 2018 study involved 100 videos that ran on Facebook from multiple verticals. Categories included Food, Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Fashion, Retail, Personal/Baby Care and Beauty. Facebook used creative from the US, UK, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico to provide internationally representative insights. All videos were tested on a mobile phone, in a Facebook branded feed-based environment, so that videos could be measured in-situ.