HubSpot is now connected with Taboola

Advertisers can now setup campaigns on Taboola directly on HubSpot, Taboola announced this week.

Campaigns are launched from the HubSpot dashboard in 4 steps: 1 landing page 2 geotargeting/device 3 daily budget 4 Cost-per-click (CPC). More targetings are then available on Taboola Backstage.

According to Taboola, there are over 40,000 marketers using HubSpot, and with this direct connection they will “be able to distribute content through premium publisher sites on the open web.”

“We have integrations with Search and Social, so we were seeking a way to round out our offering with Discovery. Taboola is a great platform that offers massive reach on premium publishers in a brand safe environment.” – Kevin Raheja, Director of Strategic Partnerships at HubSpot.

Taboola has native and outstream inventory. The native ads network reaches 1.4B users globally.

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