FreeWheel and OrkaTV partner to enhance FAST channel advertising for marketers

FreeWheel and OrkaTV partner to enhance FAST channel advertising for marketers

FreeWheel and OrkaTV today announced a new partnership to provide marketers with enhanced access to and targeting capabilities within the growing free-ad supported streaming television (FAST) sector.

Through this collaboration, advertisers utilizing the FreeWheel platform will gain access to over 3,500 FAST channels available via OrkaTV's streaming TV marketplace, significantly expanding their reach and diversifying their FAST ad inventory options. This increased access is expected to drive up demand for FAST ad inventory as marketers seek to connect with their target audiences across a broader spectrum of FAST channels.

The partnership also addresses the challenge of inconsistent metadata, which can hinder accurate contextual advertising targeting. By leveraging OrkaTV's value-added tech layer, advertisers can now access consistent video contextual data that can be mapped to corresponding audience segments. This enables advertisers to target consistent channel names through FreeWheel to reach their clearly defined demographics with greater precision.


OrkaTV offers a wide variety of content across its 3,500+ FAST channels, spanning genres such as news, entertainment, sports, kids, lifestyle, and more.

Here's a breakdown of some of the most popular content categories on OrkaTV:

News: OrkaTV provides access to a diverse range of news channels, including local and national news outlets, as well as international news channels.

Entertainment: OrkaTV offers a vast selection of entertainment channels, featuring movies, TV shows, reality shows, and more.

Sports: Sports enthusiasts can find a plethora of sports channels on OrkaTV, covering a wide range of sports leagues and competitions.

Kids: OrkaTV provides a safe and engaging space for kids, with a selection of channels dedicated to educational and entertaining content.

Lifestyle: OrkaTV offers a diverse range of lifestyle channels, covering topics such as cooking, travel, fashion, home décor, and more.

Overall, OrkaTV's content library caters to a wide range of viewers and interests, ensuring that there's something for everyone to enjoy. The platform's diverse selection of FAST channels makes it a popular choice for those seeking a variety of high-quality streaming content.

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