Fubo to stream NBCUniversal's extensive coverage of 2024 Paris Olympics

Fubo subscribers gain access to NBCU's multi-platform coverage of the Paris Olympics, including live events and primetime shows.

XXXIII Olympiad
XXXIII Olympiad

Fubo this month announced a comprehensive agreement with NBCUniversal to provide subscribers with extensive multi-platform coverage of the XXXIII Olympiad. This partnership, set to deliver unprecedented access to Olympic content from July 26 to August 11, 2024, marks a significant development in the streaming landscape for sports enthusiasts and Olympic fans across the United States.

According to the announcement, Fubo subscribers will have access to NBCU's wide-ranging Olympic programming, which includes live competition sessions starting with team competitions on July 24, on-demand content, and more hours of Olympic coverage on the NBC broadcast network than any previous Games. This comprehensive offering aims to satisfy the growing demand for flexible, high-quality sports content in the streaming era.

The agreement between Fubo and NBCUniversal comes at a time when streaming platforms are increasingly competing for sports rights and viewership. The Olympic Games, being one of the most-watched sporting events globally, represent a significant opportunity for streaming services to attract and retain subscribers. Fubo's move to secure this content aligns with its strategy as a sports-first live TV streaming platform, reinforcing its position in the competitive streaming market.

To fully appreciate the scope of this offering, it's essential to understand the technical details and the breadth of content that will be available to Fubo subscribers. The coverage will span multiple platforms and formats, providing viewers with unprecedented flexibility in how they consume Olympic content.

Linear network coverage forms the backbone of NBCU's Olympic programming. The NBC broadcast network will serve as the primary channel, offering at least nine hours of daytime coverage each day, featuring live finals of popular events such as swimming, gymnastics, and track & field. This extensive daytime coverage is made possible by the favorable time difference between Paris and the United States' eastern time zone, with Paris being six hours ahead.

In addition to daytime coverage, NBC will present its flagship "Primetime in Paris" show for 16 consecutive nights. This three-hour nightly program aims to provide a comprehensive summary of the day's events, combining competition highlights, athlete stories, and the raw emotion that characterizes the Olympic Games.

Beyond NBC, four English-language NBCU cable networks – USA Network, E!, CNBC, and GOLF Channel – will offer additional live Olympic coverage. This multi-channel approach ensures that viewers have access to a wide variety of Olympic events throughout the day.

A notable addition to the coverage is the introduction of two new linear channels: Paris Extra 1 and Paris Extra 2. These channels will provide 24/7 Olympic programming, with Paris Extra 1 focusing on team sports such as basketball, handball, and water polo, while Paris Extra 2 will concentrate on combat and racket sports like judo, taekwondo, and badminton. This specialized coverage allows fans of specific sports to immerse themselves in their preferred events.

For Spanish-speaking viewers, Telemundo and Universo will offer the most extensive Olympic coverage in Spanish-language media to date. This includes live coverage of the Opening Ceremony from the River Seine, which will be broadcast live on Telemundo for the first time.

The digital component of NBCU's Olympic coverage is equally impressive. NBCOlympics.com, NBC.com, and the NBC Sports app will stream more than 5,000 hours of Olympic content across various TV Everywhere platforms. This comprehensive digital offering includes live competition across all 39 sports and 329 medal events, simulstreaming of all linear coverage, and a digital Gold Zone whip-around show.

Fubo subscribers will have access to this streaming coverage at no additional charge, a significant value proposition that could attract new subscribers and retain existing ones. The digital platforms will also feature full-event replays, extensive video highlights, and a wealth of additional content to enhance the viewing experience.

One of the most innovative aspects of the coverage is the inclusion of in-games on-demand content. NBCU will make Olympic highlights, extended highlights, and select full-event replays available via Fubo and TV Everywhere platforms. This on-demand offering allows viewers to catch up on key moments or revisit their favorite events at their convenience.

In a nod to accessibility, daily compilations summarizing top moments from the competition day will feature Audio Description for visually impaired viewers. This inclusivity measure ensures that a wider audience can enjoy and engage with the Olympic content.

For those eager to start their Olympic journey early, pre-games on-demand content is already available. Fubo subscribers can access clips looking back at top moments from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with additional content featuring 2024 Paris Olympics athletes, venues, and sports becoming available from July 1, 2024.

The technical capabilities of this coverage are equally impressive. Select NBCU coverage of the Paris Olympics on USA Network will be presented in 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) to Fubo subscribers with compatible devices. This high-quality viewing option enhances the visual experience, bringing the spectacle of the Olympics to life in stunning detail.

Looking beyond the 2024 Paris Olympics, this agreement could influence how future Olympic Games are broadcast and streamed. If successful, this model of comprehensive, multi-platform coverage could become the template for future Olympic broadcasts, potentially leading to more partnerships between streaming platforms and traditional broadcasters.

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