GEM Advertising Introduces The Growth Experience Model

New Haven-based communications and marketing agency, GEM Advertising, has just introduced its new Growth Experience ModelSM. With this au courant approach to modern marketing, GEM hopes to help its clients and potential clients clear away the ad clutter and become what they call a “unicorn brand.”

To implement the Growth Experience ModelSM, GEM relies on two elements: authenticity and experience. How does GEM’s Growth Experience ModelSM set itself apart, one might ask? The model is based on the insight that — in today’s transparent market — authentic brand experiences make the most impactful communication strategies, which in turn produce aggressive growth. There are three phases that make the model successful for GEM’s client brands:

Discovery {Vision + Analysis

Vision: Assessing who the client is, where they are, and where they’re going, then reverse-engineering the growth process to achieve that potential.
Analysis: Analyzing the sentiments and experiences of every audience that affects the brand and performing an in-depth competitive analysis along with a study of current industry and market factors.

Planning {Position + Experience

Position: Using those data-based insights to unlock new value for the client by unearthing the unparalleled assets inherent in the company.
Experience: Composing a full-bodied Communications Plan, using the expertise and insights from the diverse verticals GEM serves and authentic brand experiences as the basis for creative development and execution.

Performance {Execution +Partnership

Execution: To spark real growth, GEM uses market wisdom and experience to develop the targeted mix of traditional and digital communications that reaches the right audiences with the most relevant messages.
Partnership: GEM believes in exceeding expectations as a strategic partner for growth, which is central to the long-term effectiveness of the Growth Experience ModelSM.

“In the creative realm of communications and marketing, it’s easy for marketing teams to get lost in innovative ideas and engaging content. But, at the end of the day, the role of marketing is to drive results. Through a systematic process of data mining, insight development and integrated execution, the Growth Experience Model achieves measurable results for midsize to enterprise clients in a diverse set of industries, making it a valuable return on investment for brands with growth potential,” says Peter Kozodoy, Chief Strategy Officer, GEM Advertising.

GEM has effectively used this Growth Experience ModelSM with great success, in particular with their client, Northwest Connecticut Sinus Center. Northwest Connecticut Sinus Center, a medical brand with four offices in Connecticut, offers a unique method (balloon sinus dilation) for permanently repairing chronic sinus issues. GEM took on this client using the Growth Experience ModelSM. GEM suggested rebranding Northwest Connecticut Sinus Center as the “CT Sinus Center — The leader in permanent relief.” With the rebrand, GEM designed a new, fully responsive website, with extraordinary SEO and clear calls-to-action, resulting in an increase in requests for information on the procedure and scheduled appointments.

GEM then launched a full-scale social media campaign growing CT Sinus Center’s social following from zero to over 21,000. In the last year alone, their social presence increased by 173%. Their website traffic grew 1,000%, and the number of new patients grew by over an astonishing 56% over the course of just 3 months. Since the GEM team initiated the Growth Experience ModelSM, the CT Sinus Center has increased their business by 200%. As a matter of fact, their growth was so immediate that they have recently hired an additional staff member and have opened a fourth Connecticut office in early August to keep up with demand.

GEM has used the model in over 30 industries, in multiple countries, producing double- and triple-digit returns.

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