Global internet traffic soars

Global internet traffic soars
Percentage Change of Internet Traffic

Cloudflare today published its fourth annual Year in Review, offering insights into global Internet trends, security challenges, and the most popular Internet services in 2023.

Cloudflare's Year in Review revealed a significant increase in global Internet traffic, with a 25% surge in 2023 alone. This growth highlights the growing reliance on Internet services to support essential systems and tasks, including global digital economies, healthcare operations, business continuity, and community connections.

Google maintained its dominance as the most popular Internet service, followed by Facebook, Apple, and TikTok. This consistent ranking underscores the enduring global reach and impact of these digital giants.

Facebook reclaimed the top position as the most popular social media platform, surpassing TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter/X. This shift demonstrates the resilience of Facebook's user base amidst the rise of newer social media platforms.

OpenAI emerged as the most popular generative AI service, showcasing the growing interest and adoption of AI tools and applications. Character AI, Quillbot, and Hugging Face followed closely, reflecting the diverse landscape of generative AI solutions.

Financial organizations continue to be the most frequently targeted industry by cybercriminals, reflecting the lucrative nature of financial data and the potential for high-value breaches.

Deceptive links embedded in malicious email messages and extortion attempts remain the most prevalent cyberthreats, highlighting the persistent targeting of users through social engineering techniques.

More than 180 Internet outages were observed worldwide in 2023, compared to over 150 in 2022. Many outages were attributed to government-imposed regional and national shutdowns of Internet connectivity, raising concerns about Internet freedom and resilience.

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