Google Analytics 4 adds 360 ad platforms reports

Google Analytics 4 adds 360 ad platforms reports

Google Analytics 4 this week announced the addition of three new reports that will enable users to analyze data from Campaign Manager 360, Display & Video 360, and Search Ads 360. These reports are now available for users who have integrated these 360 ad platforms with their Google Analytics 4 property.

Each of the three new reports provides data on the performance of campaigns generated in the respective 360 ad platform. Users can access these reports by selecting the integration-specific summary card added to the Acquisition overview report. For instance, if a user integrates with Display & Video 360, they will see an option titled "View Display & Video 360 campaigns." Clicking on this option will open the new Display & Video 360 report.

If a user decides to unlink a buying platform from their property, the report will still be accessible from the Acquisition overview report so they can continue to analyze historical data.

To support the new acquisition reports, Google Analytics 4 has also added new traffic source dimensions. These dimensions are available when a user links to Campaign Manager 360, Display & Video 360, and/or Search Ads 360. The new dimensions are available at event, session, and user scopes.

This update allows users to utilize cross-channel dimensions like Source, Session source, and First user source to understand cross-channel acquisition data. They can then employ the new integration-specific dimensions like SA360 source, SA360 session source, and SA360 first user source to analyze acquisition data for a specific buying platform.

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