Google automates buying of YouTube Masthead in DV360

Google automates buying of YouTube Masthead in DV360
YouTube Masthead

Google this month automated the buying of YouTube Masthead ads in DV360. Advertisers are now able to buy YouTube Masthead ads via Instant Reserve.

Instant Reseve buying enables advertisers to setup a deal with a fixed CPM for a specified budget and flight dates. Google recommends this buying to advertisers that don’t want to spend time adjusting the bids to optimize delivery, and want to achieve specific goals for impressions and total spend.

According to Google, advertisers that want to create an Instant Reserve deal with YouTube Masthead ads need to click in Marketplace, and then select the YouTube publisher card.

YouTube Masthead is a high impact ad format that shows in YouTube homepage, in Desktop, Mobile, and TV screens.

YouTube Masthead is used for awareness campaigns. Advertisers can measure impressions, clicks to video, video viewership (“Video played to: 25% / 50% / 75% / 100%”), clicks to the website, clicks to YouTube channel, and clicks on companion videos.

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