Google Cast introduces New Features and Devices

Google Cast introduces New Features and Devices
Google Cast

Google this week announced a number of new features and devices for its Cast platform, making it easier and more convenient than ever to stream media from Android devices to other screens.

Output Switcher: This new feature makes it easy to switch between different casting targets, such as TVs, speakers, and smart displays. It is now available on Android U and includes improved volume control, device categories, and support for devices with custom protocols.

Cast to Devices Nearby: With this new feature, users with a Pixel Pro phone and a docked Pixel Tablet can transfer ongoing music from their phone to the tablet or vice versa, simply by bringing the devices close together. This feature requires Output Switcher integration.

Cast from Short-Form Video Apps: Google Cast is now easier to use with short-form video apps. The Cast icon will be prominently displayed on every screen with playable content, and users will have the option to disable autoplay for specific videos.

Persistent Cast Icon: The Cast icon will now be shown even if the sender device is not connected to Wi-Fi. This will help users troubleshoot issues and discover casting targets more easily.

Shaka Player: Google is recommending that developers migrate their Web Receiver applications that stream HLS content to Shaka Player. This is due to the upcoming discontinuation of the current player (MPL).

New Devices

Chromecast built-in: Chromecast built-in is now available on new speakers from various manufacturers, as well as on docked Pixel Tablets. Google TVs also come with Chromecast built-in.

2024 LG TV series: LG's 2024 TV series will come with Chromecast built-in, adding to the growing number of devices that support the platform.

Overall, these new features and devices make Google Cast even more versatile and easy to use. With these updates, users can enjoy their favorite media on a wider range of devices and have a more seamless casting experience.

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