Google changing YouTube Music to accommodate podcasts

Google changing YouTube Music to accommodate podcasts
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Google this week announced a number of new features and integrations that are designed to make it easier for users to listen to podcasts on YouTube Music.

Besides the new features, Google is launching a Migration Tool for Google Podcasts. Google will discontinue Google Podcasts in the US as early as April 2024

The new Podcast features in YouTube Music

Improved listening experience

One of the biggest changes is that users can now continue listening to a podcast exactly where they left off. This is a major improvement on the old system, which would often start playing podcasts from the beginning. The company also plans to add the ability to mark podcasts as listened to so users can easily identify podcasts they've already listened to.

Improved RSS feed support

Users can now add podcasts to YouTube Music directly from their RSS feed URL. This makes it easier for users to find and listen to their favorite podcasts.

YouTube Music Podcasts
YouTube Music Podcasts

Discovery features

Another major change is the introduction of podcast shelves on the YouTube Music homepage. These shelves make it easy for users to find podcasts that they might be interested in. The company is increasing its support for podcast discovery in other ways, such as by adding new podcasts to its recommendation system.

Auto downloads

YouTube is also making it easier for users to download podcasts for offline listening. Users can now opt to have new episodes of their favorite podcasts automatically downloaded to their library. This is a way for users to catch up on their listening when they're offline.

Better integration support

Finally, YouTube is making it easier to play podcasts in YouTube Music through Google Assistant. Users can now say "Hey Google, play my favorite podcast" and Google Assistant will automatically start playing the podcast from their library. This is a great way for users to listen to podcasts hands-free.

Overall, these changes are a step forward for podcasts on YouTube. The new features and integrations make it easier for users to find, listen to, and enjoy podcasts. YouTube is clearly taking podcasts seriously, and it's only a matter of time before podcasts become even more popular on the platform.

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