Google enhances the SDK and introduces new reporting features in AdMob

Google this month has enhanced the AdMob SDK. Google says that with the new SDK version publishers will be able to get more insights into how your users are interacting with the apps and engaging with the rewarded ads.

To use the new AdMob reporting features, publishers need to update the SDK to the latest version (Android SDK 18.1.0 or later, iOS SDK 7.44 or later).

In the new reporting, Google is now including User Metrics, like in-app purchases and subscriptions, for the publishers that activate these metrics in AdMob UI. Google says this allows publishers to minimize time spent going back and forth between interfaces.

Google also now includes a Rewarded Ads Report. On the Rewarded Ads Report, publishers are able to see how users are interacting with rewarded ads via AdMob, Open Bidding and third party inventory.

On the AdMob reporting, Google this week included a break down of metrics, such as estimated earnings, by dimensions like app, ad unit, format, and country, similar to the AdSense reporting.

Google this week launched the AdMob API.

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