Google to increase AdSense revenue share from 68% to 80%

Google to increase AdSense revenue share from 68% to 80%
AdSense revenue share

Google AdSense this month announced it is making two major changes to its monetization platform early next year. Google will update its revenue share structure and moving to per-impression payments for publishers. Google says these changes are designed to provide publishers with a more consistent and transparent way to monetize their content.

Previously, AdSense paid publishers 68% of the revenue generated from their ads. Under the new revenue share structure, publishers will receive 80% of the revenue after the advertiser platform takes its fee.

AdSense is also moving to per-impression payments, which is the standard industry practice for display ads. This means that publishers will be paid based on the number of times their ads are seen, rather than the number of times they are clicked.

Google says that it does not expect publishers to see a change in their earnings as a result of these updates. However, some publishers may see an increase or decrease in revenue, depending on the type of content they publish and their audience demographics.

The revenue share update affects AdSense for Content (AFC). This change does not affect AdSense for Search (AFS).

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