Google integrates CRM conversions from Zapier in Google Ads

Google integrates CRM conversions from Zapier in Google Ads
CRM conversions from Zapier in Google Ads

Google this week announced the integration of Zapier in Google Ads. Jon Diorio, Director of Product Management at Google Ads, wrote that Google and Zapier collaborated to develop a Google Ads integration. Zapier is a workflow automation tool connecting over 1500 apps.

According to Google, Zapier’s automation solution will make it easier for advertisers to identify and extract CRM-based conversion events, format the data, and upload it directly to Google Ads.

Advertisers can then use the offline conversions imported from Zapier to evaluate the targeting, bids, and creative. Google says it also makes it easier to use Smart Bidding, as the imported conversions provide a more reliable signal for the bidding models.

How does it work?

  1. User clicks on an ad and arrives on your site;
  2. User browses your site and reads about your product/services;
  3. User fills in a form on your site and becomes a lead for your business;
  4. The lead information is passed to your CRM, email marketing app, or database;
  5. When a lead converts, Zapier uploads the conversion information to Google Ads.

The Guide

Google provided a guide called Google Ads Offline Conversion Tracking with Zapier, which explains what is offline conversion tracking, why to use offline conversions, and how to setting up offline conversions with Zapier.

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