Google introduces Google Ads’ Auction-Time Bidding in Search Ads 360

Google this month introduced the auction-time bidding in Search Ads 360. Search Ads 360 is the product from Google Marketing Platform for search.

Google Ads’s Auction-Time Bidding uses machine learning to set bids at auction-time by factoring signals that help predict performance. Google says that signals include users’ device, browser, language, location, time of day, and other factors. Google Ads auction-time bidding automatically sets bids based on these signal combinations.

Advertisers tested the Auction-Time Bidding in Search Ads 360 across hundreds of accounts, and according to Google, advertisers that used the beta saw an average lift in conversions of fifteen to thirty percent at the same or better ROI.

Auction-time bidding in Search Ads 360 is generally available for Google Search campaigns, and in open beta for shopping campaigns. It can be activated on the existing bid strategies under “Engine features”, in the box “Auction-time bidding.”

Google Analytics conversions are not compatible with Auction-Time Bidding.

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