Google launches a new Search Ads 360

Google launches a new Search Ads 360
Search Ads 360

Google today announced the launch of a new Search Ads 360. Google redesigned and rebuilt Search Ads 360 using the same technology that powers Google Ads.

Search Ads 360 supports search ads in Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and Yahoo! Japan, and it’s used for campaign management and performance measurement.

According to Google, the new Search Ads 360 have now immediate support for most of the new Google Ads features, and Google says it’s building new enterprise features that are only available in the new Search Ads 360.

The new Search Ads 360 has support for Performance Max and Discovery campaigns in Google Ads, support for a number of new Yahoo! Japan features, like Dynamic Ads For Search and sitelink extension scheduling, as well as over ten additional Microsoft Advertising features including responsive search ads, call extensions, local inventory ads and additional Microsoft audience types like customer match.

“The new Search Ads 360 has unlocked value for our team: from the ability to manage new extensions for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, to cross-engine performance overviews, and editing campaigns from multiple accounts in a unified and familiar interface. All of these improvements have enabled us to manage paid search much more easily,” said Rodrigo Pozos, SEM Manager, Aeromexico.

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