Google Native Ads now available for all publishers in Adsense

Google did the roll out yesterday Native Ads from Google AdExchange (Adx) for all the Adsense publishers. Now thousands of small publishers can implement the In-feed/In Article native ad units, called In-feed and In-article. Google Adsense also make available Matched content ads, but Matched content are only available for selected publishers, a minimum traffic volume and number of unique pages. See the different native ads on Google here.

Native In-article Ad

For the  In-feed/In Article native ad units the difference between a normal ad, and the native ad, is that the native ads adapt to your website and device of the user.  In a native ad, there is an image, a title, a description, and a button, that can be displayed differently according to the website and the device.

On the announcement, Google says that the ads provide a great user experience as the ads have longer titles and high-resolution images, the ads have a good look and feel on different devices and are easy to use.

Google entered in 2017 in competition with the native ad networks. On the top of native ad networks, we can find Outbrain, Taboola, and Sharethrough. On the German/European market, there are also specific ones like Plista and Ligatus. In RTB most of them are connected via Appnexus or The Trade Desk.