Google to introduce a new strike-based system against advertisers violating policies

Google to introduce a new strike-based system against advertisers violating policies

Google today announced a new strike-based system to enforce against advertisers who repeatedly violate Google Ads policies.

The new strike-based system will start on September 21, with a gradual ramp up over 3 months.

According to Google, the new strike-based system will be focused on dishonest behavior, Unapproved substances, Guns, gun parts and related products, Explosives, Other Weapons, and Tobacco related policies. But Google says the coverage of the strike-based system will be expanded to add additional policies in phases over time.

Google clarifies that the new strike-based system does not impact the account suspension procedures for egregious Google Ads policy violations.

How does it work?

Google says it will begin issuing strikes to advertisers, accompanied by email notifications and in-account notifications to encourage compliance and deter repeat violations of our policies.

The first policy violation will cause a warning, and temporary account holds will be applied for the first and second strikes (for 3 and 7 days respectively), while the third strike will result in an account suspension. The penalties applied with each strike will progressively increase.

The account will be released from the temporary account hold state either 3 days after the first strike was issued, or after 7 days for a second strike.

Google states that an advertiser placed on a temporary account hold will be required to remedy the violations in question and to submit an acknowledgement form to resume serving ads.

Advertisers can also appeal a strike decision if they believe it was issued in error.

Ads will resume serving immediately after successfully appealing the strike. Accounts will remain on temporary hold if no action is taken by the advertiser to either acknowledge or appeal a strike. Strikes will remain on the Google Ads account for 90 days unless they’re successfully appealed.

Accounts suspended following a third strike will not be able to run any ads or create new content unless the suspension is successfully appealed.

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