Google will introduce TV screens as a device type in DBM and Adwords

Google last week announced the introduction of a new device type on Adwords and Doubleclick Bid Manager (DBM), the two Google buying platforms. TV Screens until now were classified as Mobile, but Google said that has been working on the TV classification. Adwords and DBM will have 4 device types: computers, mobile phones, tablets and TV screens. Google says this will allow advertisers to tailor the campaigns and creatives for each environment. This rollout is global.

Another announcement, this one only in the US, is that Youtube will start buying ads on traditional broadcasters (content from cable networks in the U.S. will be part of Google Preferred lineups). According to Google, this means “to get both the most popular YouTube content and traditional TV content in a single campaign.”

Google also announced a new product called Youtube TV, only available in selected US cities. Youtube TV allows users to see Live TV from more than 50 networks, without a cable box, for 40 USD per month.

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