WordAds is now supporting ads.txt and is accepting ads within the post content

WordAds is now supporting ads.txt, since May 1, the date when the Jetpack V6.1 was launched. WordAds is one of the most popular alternatives for Google Adsense. Owned by Automattic (WordPress.com), WordAds allows small publishers to have advertising revenue at CPM base.

The Ads.txt is generated automatically and includes several SSP´s and buyers, including Google, Criteo, Pubmatic, Oath, Amazon, FreeWheel and Pubmine. The last one seems an internal buying system from Automattic, the company that owns WordPress.com.

WordAds also announced the support for ads within the post content. Now publishers can decide where they want to include ads, inserting a code on the post.

Possible issue with the WordAds ads.txt on WordPress Professional

WordAds and WordPress.com is implementing ads.txt automatically. Publishers do not have a way to edit the ads.txt file even when they have direct contact with SSP´s. This can limit our disable their ad placements outside of WordAds, as buyers will not buy anymore if the Ads.txt does not have the correct publisher ID.

Publishers should confirm if their publisher ids are all correct. In PPC land we are using the plugin Simple ads.txt to replace the automatic WordAds ads.txt as a temporary solution:



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