GumGum retires JustPremium brand

GumGum retires JustPremium brand

GumGum this month announced it has retired the JustPremium name, bringing the company fully under the GumGum brand. GumGum installed JustPremium founder Eric Visser as GumGum's President of EMEA.

GumGum acquired JustPremium in August last year, one of the largest rich media ad marketplaces in Europe, mainly active in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Spain and Sweden.

JustPremium Skin for BBC

GumGum received a $75 million investment from Goldman Sachs in April last year. GumGum has over 400 employees working from 19 regions around the world. It supports over ten languages and works with over 30,000 publisher partner websites.

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