HasOffers acquires Optimob to boost automation in the platform

HasOffers is acquiring the intellectual property assets of Tel Aviv based Optimob, makers of automation and optimization technology for ad networks and publisher management.

Optimob was founded in 2016 by an expert team of performance marketers. Optimob software was created specifically to extend the value of the HasOffers API. Optimob provides performance marketers with the ability to optimize ad network traffic, automate click optimization to lower costs, detect and block unwanted traffic and notify publishers about optimizations in real-time.

Optimob Features

In less than two years, the team at Optimob built and commercialized performance marketing software capable of helping marketers to automate network performance while reducing costs. The addition of advanced automation gives network operators a disproportionate advantage in their efforts to quickly and easily optimize campaigns.

According to HasOffers by TUNE, Optimob technology will be integrated into the HasOffers platform. By integrating core Optimob technology into HasOffers, performance marketers will gain cutting-edge automation and optimization capabilities that will enhance their ability to maximize conversion rates, optimize traffic automatically and identify new sources of demand in a cost-effective manner.

optimob dashboard

“The future of performance marketing hinges on the ability to use automation to deliver high quality traffic at scale in a capital efficient way,” said Patrick Hearron, Vice President of Sales for HasOffers. “The addition of Optimob enables us to further create this future by enhancing our ability to set performance and budget thresholds and then let HasOffers automatically optimize campaigns accordingly.”

“In a very competitive and saturated ecosystem, we are very happy that the team at HasOffers identified the advantages of Optimob’s automation technology and the value it will bring to customers,” said Ran Bar-Yosef, Executive director and co-founder of Optimob. “We were able to connect an extremely talented management team with a capable technical team and the results speak for themselves. HasOffers is full of fantastic and visionary people and I’m confident that with this acquisition the HasOffers platform will further establish itself as the leading performance marketing tool in the world.”

“After years of experience in the performance marketing field, we saw an opportunity to create a product capable of using automation technology based on HasOffers to streamline clicks, goals, verify offers, block fraud and communicate with publishers in real-time, which enabled our customers to increase profits and decrease costs automatically,” said Dan Salem, CEO and Co-Founder of Optimob. “I’m proud of what our team has accomplished in a short period of time and excited that our core technology will become an important part of the HasOffers platform.”