Header Bidding for Apps: MoPub Advanced Bidding is now in alpha for selected publishers

Mopub launched this year an alpha called MoPub Advanced Bidding. MoPub Advanced Bidding is an “answer to header bidding for mobile app” and according to MoPub, “is now in closed-alpha with a few select publishers.”

MoPub Advanced Bidding “will allow ad networks to bid alongside DSPs in real-time for the same impression, replacing the antiquated ads waterfall.” Boris Logvinskiy, Head of Product at Twitter, says that “initial test results are very encouraging.”

The key features of MoPub Advanced Bidding

  • Is fully supported by the publisher’s ad server. In desktop, header bidding developed from a hack that created a lot of setup overhead, and solutions for mobile in-app need to learn from that to create a better end-user experience.
  • Allows networks to compete. Ad networks make up a large portion of revenue for many apps and need to be brought into the ecosystem.
  • Preserves ad format innovation. Allows demand sources to preserve ad format innovation by leveraging their SDKs.
  • Provides transparency to publishers and buyers. Gives publishers and buyers proof and confidence that auctions are won and run fairly and transparently for all involved parties.