How Taboola built a video ecosystem in Outstream

Today Taboola posted a post where explains how they created, in a very fast pacing, a video inventory on outstream format, available via managed services or via programmatic, via Appnexus or The Trade Desk.

Taboola has exclusive inventory, being all “placements hard-coded on publishers sites in multi-year agreements.” All the inventory is ads.txt compliant and there is in-feed and homepage placements.

Outstream video on Taboola allows third-party verification: IAS, MOAT, etc. with a 99.1% IAS Safety Rating. Taboola uses AdChoices and is TAG Certified.

All auctions on Taboola are Second Price Auction, and all inventory is accessible via a unified and transparent auction.

Advertisers can use audience targeting via first and third-party audience data.