How to exclude apps from Adwords

I was reading today on Reddit the most common domains to exclude from the GDN campaigns on Adwords.

If many times, exclusions are not recommended, there is an exception that many advertisers don’t do because of the lack of knowledge.

You should always create two different campaigns, one for web environment and another for app environment. Normally, the campaigns that perform better are the ones on web, as Google as multiple targeting options that don’t work so well (topics or interests), or do not work at all (contextual targeting), on app environment.

To exclude the apps you,need to exclude the domain

And that’s it. This will not exclude mobile or tablet, but “only” the app environment.

If you have a bid optimization for clicks or for conversions, in one week, Adwords will discover better placements mixed with targetings that will increase the performance of your display campaign.

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