IAB updated the Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines

IAB released this month the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines, version 2, and according to Steve Mulder, Senior Director of Audience Insights at NPR, “the new guidelines provide a recommended process for generating an audience and downloading metrics.”

What Podcast Measurement should have

  • Filtering for uniqueness
  • Filtering for uniqueness
  • Eliminating pre-load requests
  • Eliminating potential bots and bogus requests
  • Applying thresholds for what gets counted

The Podcast Technical Working Group was led by Steve Mulder, NPR. The IAB Tech Lab lead on this initiative was Amit Shetty. The participants can be found here, and included heads of product, directors/vps of engineering, technical leads, and analytics and reporting leads.

Audio is one of the growing areas of programmatic advertising, but mainly with providers like Spotify, Online Radios, and Deezer. Podcasts are still an area underdeveloped, and the main cause can be Apple with the lethargy with Podcasts. iOS is the most used player/index of podcasts, despite this, Apple took 10 years to launch Apple Podcasts Analytics and is limited to iOS 11 and iTunes 12.7.

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