IAS expands Brand Safety net to Facebook and Instagram

IAS expands Brand Safety net to Facebook and Instagram
IAS Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement

Integral Ad Science (IAS) today announced the expansion of its Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement to Facebook and Instagram.

This move, part of the Total Media Quality for Meta suite, empowers advertisers with deeper insights into their campaign placements, ensuring brand alignment and protecting against potentially harmful content.

Previously available for Facebook Feed in 2019 and expanded to Reels in 2023, the comprehensive measurement now covers both Facebook and Instagram, encompassing Reels and Feed formats. This wider reach provides advertisers with a much clearer picture of where their ads are appearing and the context surrounding them.

What does this mean for advertisers?

  • Enhanced Brand Protection: AI-powered analysis scans content adjacent to your ads, including video, audio, and text, ensuring adherence to your brand values and mitigating exposure to risky content.
  • Industry-Standard Transparency: Measurement aligns with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) framework, offering trusted and transparent metrics for informed decision-making.
  • Third-Party Validation: Gain independent verification of how your Meta Inventory Filters are performing, allowing for data-driven optimizations to maximize campaign effectiveness.

Key benefits of IAS Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement for Meta:

  • AI-driven classification: Unparalleled video content insights through frame-by-frame analysis.
  • Trust and transparency: Industry-recognized GARM framework ensures reliable measurement.
  • Third-party validation: Optimize campaigns based on independent performance data.

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