IAS launches a CTV dashboard

Integral Ad Science (IAS) this month launched a CTV dashboard where advertisers can see live data for real-time insights and reporting on all CTV campaigns.

“We’re transforming the way marketers measure media quality for CTV campaigns with granular insights and greater transparency in IAS Signal that will help bring more dollars from linear to CTV,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, IAS. “After acquiring Publica, this is just the first example of how we’re building technology to revolutionize CTV advertising, while providing marketers with a new level of data to inform their strategies and budgets.”

In the CTV dashboard, advertisers have transparency on where CTV ads run, based on the device, app, channel, genre, content category, and rating, subject to publisher disclosure, and real-time media quality alerts based on adjustable risk thresholds for campaign KPIs.

IAS says it is enhancing CTV reporting capabilities for publishers by rolling out access to metrics across invalid traffic and video completion rates for their media within IAS Signal, currently available in beta. IAS also plans to launch content level brand safety and suitability that provides advertisers with even greater control of their CTV campaigns.

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