IgnitionOne integrated in AppNexus

IgnitionOne this week announced a partnership with AppNexus. The AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP) will be able to leverage IgnitionOne’s real-time customer-scoring technology.

IgnitionOne’s platform enables marketers to identify their most valuable customers by analyzing on-site user activity. AppNexus clients may now have the IgnitionOne Score assigned to each customer, which indicates user-specific information such as the individual’s level of engagement and lifecycle stage. Each customer’s score is based on a number of factors, including time spent on-site, products of interest, and existing relationship with the brand. By leveraging IgnitionOne’s scoring technology, AppNexus clients will be able to bid more effectively to engage their most qualified customers.

“Our partnership with IgnitionOne is a testament to our commitment to place control in the hands of the trader,” said Alex Chatfield, VP Sales and Account Management, at AppNexus. “With APP, we sought to provide our clients with technology that would allow them to spend less time on basic use cases, setup, and manual intervention, and devote more time to customizing advertising campaigns that achieve powerful outcomes. The IgnitionOne Score is an extension of the powerful, customized offerings we want for our clients to better engage their ideal customers.”

“We’re here to help marketers achieve the ultimate goal of building lasting relationships with the customers that matter for their business,” said Christopher Hansen, Chief Product Officer at IgnitionOne. “Scoring is an effective way for marketers to leverage Customer Intelligence and approach customers with personalized creative, building trust for future interactions. AppNexus is an excellent partner for us as they have a similar mission for their clients.”