Impact of the GDPR on Google will be low as most of the ad business is on search

Yesterday, in the Earnings Call of Google, Heather Bellini, from Goldman Sachs, asked Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, the impact of the implementation of the GDPR.

 Listen here his answer:


Sundai Pichai said that Google is working on GDPR over 18 months ago and that is important to get it right.

Mark Mahaney, from RBC Capital Markets, followed up Heather´s question about the GDPR: if it will impact the targeting capabilities of Google, making Google less attractive to advertisers. Here the answer from Sundar Pichai:


Pichai said that the impact of GDPR will be limited as most of the ad business of Google is on search, and the information used by Google there is very limited, mainly the keyword that the user is searching.

According to CNBC, Google’s properties (Search, Youtube, Maps, etc) revenue makes up around 80 percent of its total advertising revenues. Around 20 percent of its advertising revenue comes from AdMob, AdSense or DoubleClick, mainly partners, and that’s where the GDPR implementation will be more difficult as it involves personalized targetings.

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