Jerrick Media Launches Longevity, a New Health and Wellness Vertical, on its Proprietary Content Management Platform

Jerrick Media Holdings, Inc.,(OTCQB: JMDA) (the “Company” or “Jerrick Media”) a digital media and technology company focused on the development and marketing of branded digital content and e-commerce properties, announced today the launch of Longevity, a new health and wellness themed vertical on its proprietary content management platform (CMP), Vocal (formerly named Forum).

Longevity explores health, wellness, medicine and the progressive field of life extension. The site contains an extensive amount of original content from Legendary Media Magnate Bob Guccione’s Longevity magazine. The magazine’s assets along with the contents from several other publications owned by the Guccione estate were acquired by Jerrick Media in 2013. In conjunction with the launch, Longevity will premiere its first web series “Bourne Again” featuring model, actress, athlete, and health advocate Alissa Bourne.

This marks the fifth vertical launch on Jerrick Media’s proprietary CMP, Vocal, which also includes Potent, Geeks, OMNI, and Filthy. Developed in collaboration with Thinkmill, an industry-leading web and mobile development team, Vocal is an innovative platform that enables content creators to create rich user experiences. It has a seamless integration between content and commerce.

Jerrick Media CEO Jeremy Frommer said, “I am thrilled to bring the fascinating world of Longevity to a whole new digital audience. One of the many benefits of our proprietary platform Vocal is that it enables us to create cutting edge digital media properties. This can be achieved by immersing new creative content like Bourne Again with timeless content from the pages of Longevity Magazine. As Longevity continues to evolve, the flexibility of Vocal’s open source architecture fosters the additional layering of user generated content to create a powerful digital ecosystem around the brand. More importantly, through Vocal, we can apply this architecture to launch numerous themed verticals, building a valuable portfolio of topical media properties designed to entertain and provoke thought.”