Jivox updates Dynamic Canvas Studio (DCS)

Jivox updates Dynamic Canvas Studio (DCS)

Jivox this month announced the update of Dynamic Canvas Studio (DCS), a tool that enables advertisers to create thousands of personalized video ad variations.

Jivox says advertisers using Dynamic Canvas Studio (DCS) can now achieve personalization at scale, eliminating days or weeks from the creative production process and increasing the effectiveness of TV campaigns.

“Traditionally, video has been challenging and expensive to personalize. Jivox was one of the first platforms to enable dynamic video personalization at scale. Now, with DCS Video, we have simplified the user interface and made it completely interactive, allowing creative teams to quickly and easily produce and preview thousands of videos without requiring any special technical skills,” said Diaz Nesamoney, Founder & CEO of Jivox.

Jivox’s Dynamic Canvas Studio enable creative teams to design the video master or template with their preferred tools, such as Adobe After Effects (™), and ingest video files in many different formats and sizes.

DCS Video provides a visual interface that enables creative developers to swap elements of the video and visually experience the resulting variations within seconds. Visual previews allow creative teams to test the dynamic swap.

The video versioning can then be scaled using product feeds or assets from a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.

“We are already using Jivox’s dynamic video capabilities to generate nearly 3,000 creative variations for one of our joint retail clients, whose CTV ad campaign is geo-driven and personalized based on the respective location of the consumer. Now with the launch of the next phase of Dynamic Canvas Studio, we’re excited to take these creative efficiencies to the next level,” said Gabriela Maestre, Senior Director of Creative Solutions for Tremor Video’s Tr.ly Creative Studio.

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