Kantar earns recognition as TikTok Measurement Partner for Brand Lift Studies

Kantar earns recognition as TikTok Measurement Partner for Brand Lift Studies

Kantar this month been named a TikTok Measurement Partner for Brand Lift studies. This designation signifies Kantar's expertise in evaluating the impact of advertising campaigns on the TikTok platform.

TikTok established its Marketing Partners Program to identify and endorse specialists in areas such as attribution and incrementality measurement. The program's core objective is to empower brands with a deeper understanding of how advertising on TikTok influences marketing outcomes. Kantar's recognition within the program signifies its ability to deliver the highest standards in measurement excellence and function as an independent source of verification regarding TikTok's effectiveness in driving desired marketing results.

Kantar's specific designation focuses on Brand Lift measurement. This service empowers TikTok advertisers to quantify the impact of their advertising efforts on key brand lift metrics. These metrics encompass factors such as ad recall, brand awareness, brand perception, and overall brand favorability.

Kantar's qualification process was comprehensive, involving participation in over 700 TikTok Brand Lift studies conducted collaboratively with brands like Pepsi. Beyond demonstrating proof of concept, this extensive experience solidified Kantar's industry-leading knowledge and expertise within the TikTok advertising landscape.

Nicole Jones, Chief Media Commercial Lead for North America at Kantar, expressed her enthusiasm regarding the recognition. She highlighted the significance of Kantar's expertise in crafting impactful digital advertising solutions and the value of the ongoing partnership with the TikTok team. Jones referenced Kantar's "Media Reactions" research, which underscores the immense potential for advertisers to leverage the creativity and engaging nature of TikTok to achieve tangible business results. She emphasized that understanding the impact of advertising efforts on the platform is a crucial first step in strategizing and measuring success.

Jorge Ruiz, Global Head of Marketing Science at TikTok, echoed the importance of collaboration with measurement specialists like Kantar. He underscored the value Kantar provides to clients through research, measurement solutions, and the development of innovative industry practices. Ruiz emphasized that these strategic insights empower clients to develop and execute impactful campaigns on TikTok, ultimately driving meaningful growth for their businesses.

Kantar's designation as a TikTok Measurement Partner for Brand Lift studies signifies its established role in providing advertisers with reliable and insightful data regarding the effectiveness of their TikTok advertising campaigns. This recognition empowers brands to leverage the power of TikTok advertising with greater confidence and make data-driven decisions to achieve their marketing objectives.

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