Kik, TuneIn Radio, and Tumblr lead in Mobile Ad Revenue

Kik, TuneIn Radio, and Tumblr lead in Mobile Ad Revenue

Pixalate today released its February 2024 Global Top Grossing Mobile Apps Report. The report analyzes app revenue within the Google Play Store, highlighting apps generating the most open programmatic advertising income across various regions worldwide.

Key Findings:

  • APAC: Wynk Music: MP3, Song, Podcast tops the APAC region, experiencing a significant surge in revenue from $574k in January 2024 to an estimated $2M in February 2024.
  • EMEA: Opera browser with AI doubled its estimated open programmatic ad spend from $736k in January 2024 to $2M in February 2024.
  • LATAM: Kwai - download & share video remains the highest earner in LATAM, maintaining a steady estimated $2M in open programmatic revenue.
  • North America: Kik — Messaging & Chat App shows impressive growth, with estimated open programmatic advertising revenue climbing from $1M in January to $3M in February. TuneIn Radio and Tumblr followed closely with an estimated $3M each.

The report underscores a continued emphasis on music streaming, short-form video, and revitalized social and messaging platforms among top revenue-generating apps. The remarkable growth of Wynk Music and Kik signals shifting user preferences and potential advertising opportunities across different markets.

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