Knowi analytics platform integrates Nielsen data

Knowi analytics platform integrates Nielsen data
Knowi analytics Nielsen data

Knowi last month joined the Nielsen Connect Partner Network. Knowi says it will enhance their data connectivity options beyond the customers’ owned datasets, by joining market data from Nielsen into Knowi’s analytics platform.

“The Knowi platform was built to give companies a single-pane view of their data regardless of where it was stored and how much there was,” said Ryan Levy, COO, Knowi. “Our partnership with Nielsen incorporates a layer of market research that will yield the next level of data-driven innovations. This is going to change the way we look at and use data, as we will enable customers to simply ask a question of all of their data.”

Knowi has natural language processing (NLP) features that eliminate the reliance on manual manipulation of data to reach conclusions and build meaningful analyses.

“The Nielsen Connect Partner Network was formed to enable innovation and we are happy to add Knowi to our growing list of advanced solution providers,” said Brett Jones, Global Leader, Nielsen Connect Partner Network. “The ability of the Knowi platform to seamlessly integrate and make sense of structured and unstructured data will bring another layer of value to the CPG industry and help us to continue shaping a smarter market for our clients.”

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