LinkedIn Introduces Live Event Ads

LinkedIn Introduces Live Event Ads
LinkedIn Live Event Ads

LinkedIn this week announced the expansion of its event marketing capabilities with the launch of Live Event Ads. This new feature comes alongside the introduction of LinkedIn CTV ads as the platform continues to evolve its offerings for B2B marketers.

With a 34% increase in professional viewership of LinkedIn events over the past year, the platform recognizes a growing opportunity to connect brands with audiences through engaging live experiences. Live Event Ads aim to boost event registrations, deepen brand awareness, and maximize the ROI of event investments.

Key Features

  • Global Reach: Market live events around the world using LinkedIn's extensive professional network.
  • Dynamic Promotion: Ads adapt in real-time, running pre-event to drive excitement, during the event to encourage active participation, and post-event for continued engagement.
  • Measurability: LinkedIn's data-driven analytics provide insights into event success and audience behavior.

Why Live Event Ads Matter

In a B2B landscape marked by complex purchase cycles and numerous decision-makers, events offer a powerful way to showcase expertise, build relationships, and nurture prospects. LinkedIn Live Event Ads give marketers the tools to amplify their events and engage their target audience at every stage.

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