LiveRamp announces new integrations with Amazon Ads

LiveRamp announces new integrations with Amazon Ads

LiveRamp today announced expanded capabilities for brands and agencies to improve addressability, connectivity, and measurement within Amazon Ads. This collaboration focuses on privacy-centric solutions leveraging LiveRamp's unique identity framework.

Key Features:

  • RampID Integration: Utilize LiveRamp's pseudonymous identifier, RampID, to connect first and third-party data with Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) for measurement and audience activation on Amazon DSP.
  • End-to-End Measurement with AWS: Seamlessly integrate with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for streamlined identity resolution and data transfer, ensuring a privacy-enhancing workflow.
  • Improved Campaign Analytics: Overcome limitations of traditional identifiers by leveraging RampID, a widely adopted, person-based identifier, for more accurate and scalable campaign analysis.
  • Secure Audience Activation: Activate first and third-party audiences on Amazon DSP using RampID for precise targeting and frequency capping, all without relying on cookies, mobile IDs, or IP addresses.

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