Lotame Precision Audiences are using machine learning to get more reach

Lotame announced last week – 9 February – the creation of Precision Audiences: data segments that exceed industry on-target benchmarks and improve targeting, insights, and analytics. According to Lotame, first-to-market from this line is the Precision Demographic Audiences, segments based on age and gender.

Barry Levine, at Martech, wrote that SVP and General Manager of Data Audiences at Lotame told him that Lotame is now using models for a machine learning engine, which is then trained on a segment of profiles, so Lotame can extend the audience reach. Lotame is then verifying the audience extension with Facebook data insights.

Lotame is a DMP connected with DSP`s, and is reaching major markets (across 30 countries) with their audience sources. Advertisers can pay an extra CPM to use Lotame standard audiences, or contact Lotame directly to have custom audiences.