Marketo Helps Educators Around the World Strengthen Connections With Students

Marketo, Inc., the leading provider of engagement marketing software and solutions, is reaching new customers in the higher education industry by helping them to provide positive, trusted, and engaging experiences to students at all stages of their education journey. Over the past seven months, more than 40 education customers have chosen, renewed, or expanded their use of Marketo, demonstrating the strong demand for targeted educational marketing.

With more pathways to learning available than ever before, higher education institutions are competing with online classes and declining enrollment to capture prospective students’ attention. With this in mind, industry leaders are turning to Marketo to accelerate the recruitment lifecycle, build and expand their enrollment numbers, and connect with university stakeholders in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Higher education providers that recently selected or extended their footprint with Marketo include:

GLOBIS University: As the largest and fastest-growing business school in Japan, GLOBIS University sought a way to better track its marketing and improve communication with prospective students. By Q2 2016 – after just one year of using Marketo – GLOBIS doubled its number of school briefing session subscribers via mail and reduced cost-per-acquisition through Facebook advertisements by 50 percent thanks to the use of Marketo Ad Bridge.

The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business: Since implementing Marketo earlier this year, the executive education team at Fisher College of Business has used the technology to execute high-touch, personal engagement with prospective students. In an environment where students can consider more paths to work and post-graduate learning than ever before, Fisher is leveraging these deeper connections to reach people with the right message at each phase of their personal education journey.

Sciences Po: For over 40 years, France’s Sciences Po has worked with business executives from around the world to build their skills and develop their careers. In 2015, the team selected Marketo to assist with redefining its marketing strategy. With a new focus on content marketing to increase lead generation, the Paris-based team expects to quadruple the number of prospective students by the end of this year.

University of Nevada, Reno: The University of Nevada, Reno has been using Marketo to expand its audience beyond students and staff. Not only are the university’s newsletters now available to anyone around the world, the team is able to use Marketo analytics to measure which content is most appealing to subscribers, allowing them to tailor communications to maximize engagement.

University of Wollongong: Prior to using marketing automation, it was a challenge for University of Wollongong’s marketers to identify and track prospective students, engage them in conversations about the advantages of UOW, and guide them through the recruitment process. In the first 90 days with Marketo, UOW saw marked improvements in all three of these areas, which lead to a 15 percent lead-to-application rate in the first year of using the platform.

Yorkville Education Company: With traditional and online degree and diploma programs offered through its subsidiaries, Yorkville University, RCC Institute of Technology, and Toronto Film School in Canada, Yorkville needed a way to quickly segment, analyze, and personalize its marketing for thousands of potential, current, and past students worldwide. The team realized that the only way to do this would be through automation and chose Marketo for its speed and ability to integrate with a full stack of marketing tools. In just a few months with the platform, Yorkville has already seen higher conversion rates and plans to expand its efforts to capture data throughout the student’s lifecycle.

“Marketo is thinking about what’s next in higher education marketing, helping Fisher build lasting, personal relationships with students. The only way to effectively do this at scale is through marketing automation, and the Marketo team has been proactive in making sure we’re achieving our goals,” says Marty Schwalbe, director of growth and learning for executive education at Fisher College of Business.

“We were looking for a technology platform that would allow us to learn more about prospective students to effectively nurture them to apply and enroll. We know that choosing Sciences Po isn’t an instant decision, but one that our prospects take a lot of time to think about. Marketo allows us to learn more about them and serve up the right, tailored content to deliver real business impact,” says Delphine Rochy-Lagrange, Marketing and Communication, Sciences Po Executive Education.

“Marketo allows us to tell the University of Nevada, Reno stories of research and student success both efficiently and effectively and, in turn, to engage our audiences in meaningful ways. Marketo provides us a distinct competitive advantage,” says Thomas White, executive director of marketing and communications, University of Nevada, Reno.

“With Marketo, we can show that we’re a revenue-generating team, providing insights into the number of prospects in the pipeline, how many are likely to enroll, and how long it takes to move them through the process. It’s a real win for the student recruitment team to have had such a positive impact on university recruitment,” says Nicholas Manojlovic, digital manager, Student Recruitment at University of Wollongong.

“Our purpose as education marketers is to inspire prospective students to grow professionally and personally through our programs. In order to inspire these prospective students, we need to engage them by delivering content that is of particular relevance to them as individuals. Being able to engage students differently depending on their interests, where they live, or even how they interact with our content helps us with this engagement. We know this improved capacity to inspire students will drive results for our school,” says Walter Lee, senior vice president of Marketing and Enrolment, Yorkville Education Company.

Effective communication can be key for college success. The Chronicle of Higher Education study, Great Colleges to Work for 2016, highlighted that quality communication was a key part of creating an environment in which leaders, faculty, staff members, and students all want to work. By working with Marketo, great schools can build on this communication to foster better engagement and affinity.