Merchants can now sell products and services directly via Alexa

Amazon yesterday announced 3 ways that merchants, developers and publishers can make money with Alexa skills. The first is selling products and services with Amazon Pay; the second is to sell premium content via in-skill purchasing (ISP); and the third is via the Alexa Developer Rewards, where Amazon pays publishers based on the customer engagement.

Selling goods and services is only available on the US Alexa Skills. Users in the USA can now purchasing goods and services on Alexa using Amazon Pay. This means a revenue opportunity for US-based merchants. Amazon is giving a webinar this month on how to make money with Alexa.

Amazon said that some companies are already using Amazon Pay on Alexa. Is the case of 1800 Flowers allowing to purchase flowers only through voice.

“Integrating Amazon Pay into the Alexa Skill has allowed us to expand our reach well beyond existing customers. By replacing the account linking flow in the Skill with Amazon Pay, all Amazon customers are now able to easily get curated gift recommendations and purchase flowers without leaving the voice experience in order to link their account, enter their credit card or provide shipping address details. We are passionate about elevating our customer experience and leveraging emerging technologies like Alexa and Amazon Pay allows us to further make the gifting experience seamless for shoppers. Initial consumer response has been good and provided many valuable insights, with an increasing number of new and repeated shoppers making purchases,” said Amit Shah, CMO at