Microsoft launches Microsoft Advertising Health Blog

Microsoft launches Microsoft Advertising Health Blog

Microsoft this month launched Microsoft Advertising Health Blog, a new overview where advertisers and webmasters can track known issues and understand how they might be impacting delivery, reporting, and latency.

A resources column has a list of RSS feeds, providing updates in a syndicated way.

David McGiveron, Technical Advisor at Microsoft Advertising Support, wrote that advertisers do not need to contact the Support teams to ask if there is a problem. In the Microsoft Advertising Health Blog, advertisers will see the know problems at a glance.

Microsoft Advertising Health Blog dashboard is broken out into Applications, Platform, and API.

According to Microsoft, the issues tab gives a detailed breakdown of previous known issues. Advertisers can see whether a past incident may have had an impact on their campaigns, and a timeline of how that particular case was resolved.

Microsoft Advertising Health Blog looks similar to Google Ads Status Dashboard.

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