Microsoft opens a new beta with a redesigned Microsoft Advertising platform

Microsoft Advertising this month opened a new beta with a new redesigned platform. Microsoft is inviting all advertisers to move to the new platform via this form.

According to Microsoft, the series of changes on the new UI were done with the goal of modernize the look, feel, and functionality of the Microsoft Advertising product, improving how campaigns and accounts are managed. Microsoft says the changes improve productivity, as advertisers spend less time working through the clutter of tools and menus.

In the new Microsoft Advertising UI, advertisers can find a new global menu bar that appears on the top of every page. On the global menu, advertisers are able to switch accounts, access tools and settings like ad preview, shared library, conversion tracking, and Google Import, and more.

The main menu on the far left will allow access to the campaigns. Advertisers can use the main menu to deep dive into specific campaign types, campaigns, and ad groups.

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