Microsoft opens Digital Marketing Center

Microsoft opens Digital Marketing Center

Microsoft this month opened Digital Marketing Center in open beta. Digital Marketing Center is a platform where Microsoft manages the campaigns for small and medium-sized business owners. Digital Marketing Center is connected with Microsoft Advertising, Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

According to Microsoft, Digital Marketing Center provides advertisers with a central platform to manage their online presence and marketing activities across paid search advertising, paid social advertising, and organic social media management.

Digital Marketing Center is free to use.

In Digital Marketing Center, advertisers can apply tracking, measuring how well ads are performing, the time customers spend on the website, and the number of pages they visit after they click on the ads.

Businesses can integrate Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to one central dashboard, and manage up to 10 different profiles.

Advertisers have visibility and control on search phrases from Microsoft Search Network (Bing, AOL, Yahoo) and Google. Digital Marketing Center uses artificial intelligence (AI) to determine what search phrases will surface the ads, as well as the spend on each search phrase based on your business category, location targets, and campaign budget.

Digital Marketing Center will manage the campaigns for advertisers. Microsoft says businesses need to set the advertising goals, targeting, and budget, and let Microsoft AI help with the rest. Digital Marketing Center AI automatically distributes the budget across platforms to help get the best return on investment (ROI).

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