Native ads more likely to be trusted than social ads in Europe, study finds

Outbrain this month released a new study comparing native vs social. The study found that native ads shown on premium news sites are more likely to be trusted (+44%), clicked on (+21%) and lead to future purchases (+24%) than ads that appear on social media platforms. Lumen conducted the study, drawing a view of over 900 consumers in the UK, France, and Germany.

According to the study, native ads are easy to understand (scoring 62% higher than displays ads and 31% higher than social ads), informative (scoring 60% higher than display ads, and 14% higher than social ads), and trustworthy (scoring 9% higher than display ads and 28% higher than social ads).

The banner ad win on the perception that the ad was respectful of the internet surfing, however it loses against all other perceptions (easy to understand, informative, trustworthy, inspiring for future purchases).

Native ads win on the influence on future actions, where 35% said naitve ads were likely to influence on a purchase (vs 33% in social and 32% in display).

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