Oath launches Flurry Push, a tool for push notifications in-App

Oath launched this month a new feature on Flurry SDK that allows app owners to send push notifications to its users. Flurry has now two features: analytics and push notifications, and both are integrated.

According to Oath, Flurry Push was launched after tests on Pacer Health. Pacer Health was using Flurry Push to promote registrations for contests in its iOS app, and they’ve seen 15% growth.

Push Notifications combined with Analytics Insights

Push Notifications on Flurry Push allow Actionable Analytics: Analyse app KPIs and push notification campaigns through one single platform; Triggered Push Notifications: Automatically send push notifications to users based on app-install time, event triggers or other audience attributes; Powerful Segmentation: Target users by geographic, demographic, behavioural and technographic attributes, including activity or inactivity, install date, device model, app version or specific event combinations. Save commonly used user segments for quick set-up.

3 Types of Push Notifications

On Push Flurry, App Owners can send 3 types of push notifications. Promotional: Schedule one-time, daily, weekly, or as-it-happens push notifications to drive engagement with new features, events, contests or other app content; New User Retention: Convert new users who have recently installed the app to active users and increase overall retention; Event Driven: Re-engage and convert users following a specific event or behavior within the app.