One quarter of the USA population listens to a podcast regularly

According to data from Triton Digital, an exchange for audio advertising on programmatic, there are a lot of podcast listeners in the United States of America. Around 24% of the North American population listens to a podcast regularly. This number is growing since 10 years ago when this percentage was only 9%.

The audio advertising is already available in some SSP´s like Appnexus, despite the fact that IAB still didn’t establish any guidelines for this format.

Spotify and Deezer are the big players on the publisher side. Triton and Adswizz are the bigger exchanges, but only the first as an offering on the open exchange.

There is inventory ready to be monetized, but Google, the main exchange on programmatic, shown lack of interest until now, being Appnexus and The Trade Desk the main pushers of audio.